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I have been lucky to visit the 25th Chaos Communication Congress between the 27th and 30th December. It was sold out the very first day, good seats, power outlets and free switch-ports were rare and well-guarded. :)

The lectures all were very inspiring, if you had a wired net-connection, you could also watch the talks in other rooms. Below is a short list to most lectures i saw either way. If you care there is a bunch of torrent files indexed on the pirate bay. Please note that all quotes below are not verbatim, they are notes quickly taken during the lectures.


  • Fnord news show "good indicator for e-gov adoption is the loss of data"
  • rfid talk: "never force technology onto users"
  • Bre Pettis: "smoke is how robots express love", "school is dead",
  • cisco ios "international ... sign: (_ x _)"
  • la quadrature du net - netzpolitik.de
    • "law is code, ammendmends are patches. if a patch arrives 1 day before voting and and more than 800 patches need to be vetted it is very bad project managment."
    • the term "illegal software" raises interesting issues what about free software? if i alter it will it change from legal to illegal?
  • not soy fast
    • patents: monsanto bought a lot of seed producers for soy, corn, cotton, etc. "protecting" IPR.
    • "hunger is not the result of scarcity of food, it is instead the result of an uneven distribution at the world level..." amartya sen. nobel prize winner.







  • storm: p2p botnet owned.
  • dect owned - used in many places.
  • NFC phones hacked
    • An rfid tag presents a free "tourist info" telefon number, but a premium charged call is made instead.
    • Sticker attack:: putting your own sticker over an other rfid tag.

    quis custodiet ipsos custodes: who will watch the watchers

Thanks a lot everyone! It was great!


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