Announcing pwd.sh


postits as password managers I wanted to switch to KeepassX to store all my passwords, but I wanted to use GPG to encrypt the passwords. So I came up with pwd.sh. It's a simple shell script that you can bind to your window manager keybindings, and when you invoke it, it uses the current focused window to deduce a key to store the user and the password. For better browsers like Firefox, Chromium, luakit and uzbl this means the currently loaded URLs, for all other windows the current window title. When creating a new password, it is automatically generated only the username is queried. I also wrote a small script that imports all passwords from Firefox into the new format. I'm very happy that now all my passwords isolated from my browsers and they are also protected by my PGP key on my external cryptostick.

When I showed this yesterday in our hackerspace, 2 members immediately installed and started massively improving pwd.sh, thanks asciimoo + potato!

So if you're running linux, like stuff based on the KISS principle, and are a crypto/gpg fetishist you might want to consider trying out this new "keepassx niche-killer" ;)

Check it out: pwd.sh


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