Clicktracking is evil, dnet and endre specified the details of an anonymous URL unshortening service (UUS), anonshort. Basically it resolves HTTP and HTML meta redirects, and cleans out those annoying Urchin Tracker Module URL parameters.

We currently don't provide a web user interface, only a very slim web API. Simply construct an URL by appending the shortened URL to http://anonshort.hsbp.org:8080/?u= and get a resolved URL back. Easiest is in the command line with curl:

curl 'http://anonshort.hsbp.org:8080/?u=<URL>'

the same service is also available for even more privacy as a tor hidden service at:


using this tor hidden service is similarly easy with curl and torify:

torify curl 'http://ixzr427vwpmxk3io.onion/?u=<URL>'

We do cache the results, but we do so in a way that prohibits even us to deduce the input and output URLs without knowing the input URL. The algo is quite nifty i hope it stands up to scrutiny (check out cache.py).

All resolves are running over tor, the user agents are chosen from a pre-selected set of samples taken in the wild.

There was talk of a web-interface as well, let's see how that evolves.

enjoy it!


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