La Quadrature du Net donates 1000 euro to Parltrack


La Quadrature du Net donates 1000 EUR to Parltrack fundraiser1

The paris-based citizen advocacy group supports Parltrack2 with a generous donation of 1000 Euro, not only securing their right to influence the priorities of the upcoming development, but also a half day of dedicated work on Parltrack for their benefit. This donation furthermore ensures the maintenance of the basic Parltrack features for the coming year.

La Quadrature du Net3 is one of Parltracks principal users. In fact campaigning with La Quadrature inspired the the development of Parltrack. LQDN however takes the next step and not only uses Parltrack, but they also take the liberated data and build their own awesome tools based on this, their tool Political Memory4 is an essential resource for anyone interested how our elected representatives relate to the fundamental rights and freedoms in the digital context.

The advanced usage of technology and the internet by LQDN is something that hints at the future of citizen-based advocacy for more traditional NGOs. Parltrack is proud to have contributed to the success of LQDN in defending freedoms.

"I would (and did) pay for supporting LQDN, their work is essential. I'm extremely honoured by this contribution, which enables Parltrack to explore further innovation in the citizen advocacy realm. I hope this mutual support between LQDN and Parltrack inspires other organisations to support the efforts of Parltrack to empower them as well."

reflects Stefan Marsiske developer of Parltrack.


1. Fundraiser http://igg.me/p/316104/x/2150548

2. Parltrack http://parltrack.euwiki.org

3. La Quadrature du Net http://www.laquadrature.net

4. Political Memory: http://memopol.lqdn.fr

About Parltrack

Parltrack is a European initiative to improve the transparency of legislative processes. It combines information on dossiers, representatives, vote results and committee agendas into a unique database and allows the tracking of dossiers using email and RSS. Most of the data presented is also available for further processing in JSON format. Using Parltrack it's easy to see at a glance which dossiers are being handled by committees and MEPs.

Contact: stefan.marsiske@gmail.com


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