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puppy looking interestedTL;DR please contribute a bit to the Parltrack fund-raiser.

It's worth to look back what happened so far in the campaign, since a lot of things happened by now and there's only 9 days left of the campaign to fund the next year of development for Parltrack.

The two main events since the beginning were the lobbyplag.eu launch and the La Quadrature donation.

The launch of the lobbyplag.eu initiative is related to the data protection regulation and is widely covered all over in the media. They used the amendments from Parltrack to do their analysis. The guys generously promised to donate 20% of their own fund-raising campaign to the Parltrack campaign and are calling for support on their site. We also have plans to work together on automatic lobbyplag processing.

The other major event was that the french organization La Quadrature du Net donated 1000 euros and secured not only their right to influence Parltrack more directly (that's the perk they choose). They also helped breaking the 2500 euro limit, guaranteeing the basic maintenance of Parltrack for the coming year.

In the mean time I was tweeting like never before and showcasing the current and possible future features of Parltrack.

My friends Amelia - working in the European Parliament - and Smari - working in Iceland -, produced awesome videos explaining why they believe Parltrack needs your support (btw check out Amelias show #exile6e). These videos are supported by written testimonials by members of major European digital rights organizations:

  • Jérémie Zimmermann, La Quadrature du Net (co-founder), FR
  • Javier Ruiz, Campaigns Director, Open Rights Group, UK
  • Rejo Zenger, Bits of Freedom, NL
  • Bram, Memopol main developer, La Quadrature du Net volunteer and Nurpa co-founder, BE
  • Ante Wessels and Walter van Holst, Vrijschrift, NL
  • Regards Citoyens, FR

The online the campaign was also covered in some publications:

  • Media coverage started of in Germany with a call for support on netzpolitik.org - a major German blog focusing on digital rights. EPSIplatform - a European open data/government initiative - quickly joined in and also called for donations.
  • The lobbyplag campaign also covered Parltrack and our fund-raising campaign, getting some kind mentions in articles like from Euronews.
  • The making of the article with Joinup was amazing. We met very briefly at FOSDEM with Gijs (the author), and later we had a kind of interview on IRC. I don't interface very often with journalists who do PGP and IRC. Kudos.
  • I was honored when I was invited to contribute an article to Orgzine a publication of the Open Rights Group. The first draft I wrote became later the slideshow on parltrack/about.

A third important but much less pleasant event was when Paypal blocked Indiegogo donations because of incoming donations hitting another 2500 euro limit mandated by European regulation. After the generous donation by LQDN and coverage in the Orgzine and Joinup, this put a considerable dent into the campaign. Even though the limit was lifted quickly by kind Paypal support, the fact the campaign was blocked, stopped all donations for a few days. Luckily Indiegogo support was kind enough to extend the campaign by 6 more days.

As of this writing the campaign is around 2700 euros, with about 55-60 founders, there's 9 days remaining. Like with many other campaigns where everything is decided in the last few days, I hope there will be a rush of a few more concerned citizens in Europe and the world that will support the further development of a free software tool that has been so widely praised and useful as Parltrack. Every euro counts, every repost/retweet to your peers as well. Your support is much appreciated. Thanks.

Please donate for more Parltrack.


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