I am currently available for consulting and development. My diverse background in software development, networking, security, and technology policy provide a unique perspective and approach to solving your issues. Besides computer-security related services I also provide expertise in procuring, processing, converting and data-mining online data-sets, with focus on EU level policy-making.

My specialties are digital operational and communication security, Linux system-hardening and software development. Here are some other ways I can help your organization to achieve it's goals:

  • digital opsec/comsec training
  • reverse-engineering
  • hardened desktop/server
  • storage/backup grid
  • private mail/chat/VoIP/video
  • other services
    • software development
    • security monitoring
    • various tunnels
    • etherpads
    • mailinglists
    • wikis
  • forensics
    • data recovery
    • incident analysis

    Please contact me at "contact at this domain" for more information.